Walk-in Fittings Welcome!

Walk-in Fittings Welcome! We now have (2) certified mastectomy fitters at Avila Physical Therapy to best meet your needs. Natalie Hardee has earned her CFm through the American Board for Certification of Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthotics (ABC). We have the largest selection of mastectomy bras and breast prostheses in the region, and Natalie is delighted to provide you the best fitting and most comfortable products. You can call to schedule an appointment, or walk in during business hours.


Now Offering Custom Breast Prosthesis

Avila Physical Therapy Chosen as Specialty 3D Breast Prosthesis Center

American Breast Care (ABC), an international leader in post-surgery breast care products, has chosen Avila Physical Therapy in Greenville, NC, to be one of only twenty regional 3D breast prosthesis centers in the US. Avila’s physical therapist, also a certified mastectomy fitter, is specially trained in using ABC’s innovative 3D imaging process to create custom fitting breast prostheses as unique as the women who wear them. Previously, 3D imaging of this kind was available only in larger metropolitan areas, but through this partnership, Avila is proud to bring the advanced technology and specialized care to eastern North Carolina.

As a regional 3D breast prosthesis center, Avila offers patients exceptional custom fitting services. 3D imaging captures each patient’s exact chest contours quickly and easily, allowing for the creation of lightweight, comfortable, and realistic breast prostheses, complete with a wide variety of skin colors and nipple sizes from which to choose. Women looking for a non-surgical alternative to breast reconstruction can turn to Avila for help, compassion, and individualized care in an upscale, boutique-like setting.

Understanding treatment options and therapies after breast surgery can be overwhelming, but Avila’s Allyson Daugherty, PT, CLT, CFm, is an expert in post-mastectomy care with over eighteen years of physical therapy experience. The process of creating custom fitting breast forms, according to Daugherty, “used to be very cumbersome and time-consuming, and the results were not always satisfactory.” Of ABC’s advanced 3D imaging technology, Daugherty states, “Now the process is quick, and significantly more accurate.” Appointments for imaging are one hour long, during which time the 3D scan is taken, creating a detailed map of the patient’s chest. Daugherty reviews the scan and breast prosthesis design to be sure each prosthetic breast form created will best meet patients’ needs for balance, symmetry, and comfort. Breast prostheses are made and returned to Avila within six to eight weeks, at which time patients return for a fitting in Avila’s private, post-mastectomy dedicated fitting room.

Along with offering 3D imaging for custom fitted breast prostheses, Avila has the region’s largest selection of mastectomy products. Avila is dedicated to helping patients through every step of the process, including understanding and filing for insurance coverage. Patients do not need a physician’s referral to make an appointment for a private consultation at Avila. To learn more about Avila’s newest custom breast prosthesis, or to request a consultation, contact Avila at 252.215.5225 or visit our contact page.

About Avila’s Physical Therapy

Avila was founded in 2008 by Allyson Daugherty, PT, CLT, CFm. The practice aims to provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of conditions related to cancer rehabilitation, lymphedema, pelvic health, sexual health, and prenatal/post-partum care. Avila prides itself on compassionate one-on-one care and attention for both women and men in a private, comfortable setting.

Young Survival Coalition


The Young Survival Coalition is an organization designed to empower, educate, and support young women diagnosed with breast cancer. There are over 150 support systems in place across the US. There is also one located right here in Greenville, NC. They offer many resources through their website, https://www.youngsurvival.org/. No woman should have to face breast cancer alone and that is why YSC was formed.

Rehabilitating Cancer Care

It seems as if weekly we hear from a patient “why didn’t my doctor or surgeon tell me I would have these problems?” This is a common question after breast cancer surgery. Surgeons and Oncologists are focused on removing the cancer and focusing on a cure. Patients have learned to accept the pain and challenges as just a “new way of life.” Most patients do not know how to ask their providers or tell them what it is they need. They are so thankful for these doctors who have saved their lives, and are unsure how to bring up their new problems of limited daily function. “Just dealing with it” should not be the solution. Rehabilitation prior to and after surgery helps significantly impact a patient’s quality of life and physical functioning in everyday life.

Some issues patients may have are limited range of motion in their arm or shoulder, pulling in the chest or underarm, and myofascial pain like axillary webbing syndrome (cording). Physical therapists with special training can help with all of these issues, as well lymphedema concerns. It doesn’t matter if it has been just a few weeks since surgery or years, rehabilitation is possible. Physical therapists work with the surgeons and oncologists as part of the treatment team to enable patients to return to their usual activities they were able to do before their surgery.

In the State of North Carolina patients do not need a physician referral or prescription to attend physical therapy. They are free to schedule their own appointment. The most important thing for survivors to understand is that they deserve the opportunity to function optimally no matter their cancer.

Avila Physical Therapy specializes in breast cancer rehabilitation, as well as providing post mastectomy fitting services for patients that are in need of bras or breast prosthesis. Just like with physical therapy, a patient does not need a referral or prescription before coming in for a fitting, our office obtains all paperwork necessary on the patient’s behalf. We take post mastectomy fitting patients on a walk-in or appointment basis. If you have any questions about our services or wish to schedule an appointment please give us a call today at 252-215-5525.

Cure Magazine posted an excellent article on ‘Rehabilitating Cancer Care’, click here if you would like to read the article in full. Survivors and Caregivers can also subscribe to Cure Magazine for free on their website.