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Pelvic Conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Pelvic Conditions

Avila Physical Therapy treats a variety of women’s and men’s pelvic conditions. Our treatments are designed to promote and enhance your health and functional improvement. Initial evaluation consists of a one-hour session with your therapist in a private setting. Our therapist is specifically trained in many forms of treatments and techniques.

Pelvic Conditions we Treat

Bowel Dysfunction

Our pelvic floor trained physical therapist will teach you techniques to decrease urinary/fecal urge and frequency, She will also work on retraining your pelvic floor muscles to work correctly and educate you on bladder irritants and the effects of your dietary/fluid intake. We also provide additional exercises that assist with pelvic floor function, behavioral management techniques and patient education. For more information on this type of treatment, please visit our bowel dysfunction page.

Bladder Dysfunction

Incontinence is not a normal consequence of aging! You do not need to continue to live with the embarrassment or fear of leaking anymore. Many people will start to withdraw from activities with their children, social events, and exercise because of leakage. Physical Therapy can help give you control over your bladder again, save money and embarrassment by allowing less use of pads and undergarments, reduce use of medications for incontinence, and possibly prevent the need for surgery. For more information on this type of treatment, please visit our bladder dysfunction page.

Pelvic & Sexual Pain

Physical therapists trained specifically in the area of pelvic health can identify the possible generators of pelvic pain and develop a treatment plan specific to the patient suffering from pelvic pain. There are a few different methods of treatment that may be helpful to your condition. We can help develop a plan designed specifically for your needs that will help treat these symptoms. For more information on your treatment options, please visit our pelvic & sexual pain page.