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Compression Garments

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Our office is now reopen and we are scheduling patient appointments. At this time we request when you come for your scheduled appointment that only

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Compression Garments

Avila Physical Therapy offers a variety of compression products from JuzoFarrow MedicalJovi Pak, Jobst, and Reidsleeve. We are a supplier of compression garments that range from stockings, leggings, sleeves, hand gauntlets/gloves, and many more. Compression garments are used to treat a variety of conditions, including lymphedema, venous insufficiency, post-DVT, and swelling with pregnancy. Please contact our office for an evaluation with one of our physical therapists to see if a compression garment would be beneficial for you.

Compression Garment Videos

Below are “How To” videos to help with application of your compression sleeve or stockings. If you have further questions about your garment that is not answered with these videos please contact our office.