Constipation in children creates a hardship on the parent and child. Research shows that physical therapy can help the problem. When potty training is paired with exercises to improve posture and strengthen pelvic muscles many children have an easier time going to the bathroom.

If constipation has persisted for a long period of time, behavioral issues of withholding stool or postponing defecation, or if a child seems unable to have a bowel movement even when trying are indications that a pelvic floor physical therapy evaluation could be beneficial.

A pelvic physical therapist can give recommendations on dietary changes, positioning on the toilet to make it easier for the child to go, and exercises to aid in successful bowel movements. This article published on Fox News Children’s Health blog gives great information on statistics for children in pelvic physical therapy.

If your child has issues with constipation or urinary or fecal incontinence this is something that our therapists can help with. Please contact our office to schedule an evaluation today!

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